Solstice Café



Solstice Roasters is coming soon to the Gateway District, right where the Peterson Nut Company used to exist.  Not only will all production be done from 1101 Carnegie Avenue, there will be a retail coffee shop holding all of your favorite coffee and teas you already drink around town.

In the name of transparency, not only will you be able to order some of the best drinks in town, a large glass window will give insight into the day to day workings of coffee production.  One will be able to see what goes into their morning cup of joe from the mezzanine as well as take a “Roaster for an Afternoon” course, which will walk people through how roasting works and how to taste coffees like a professional.

The front cafe will have seating for 20+, grab and go take out service, pastries from local Cleveland companies, as well as serve as a barista training ground – whether you own your own cafe, are a home enthusiast, or anything in between.

We look forward to welcoming you in our doors when the dust of construction settles – look for updates on here and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop!