Solstice is Latin, which literally translates to “sun standing still.”

Our method for coffee is simple- Buy really good beans, roast them to allow the uniqueness of each type of bean and full flavors shine through. We import 100% Arabica, whole green beans from estates all across the world.   As much as possible, our coffees are sustainably grown, often organic and Direct Trade, consistent with Solstice’s intention to be an environmentally and socially responsible company that supports and distributes sustainable, organic gourmet beverages.

Coffee beans vary in taste based on region of origin, how they are processed, and how they are roasted. Being a micro roaster allows us to tweak our roasting temperatures for each type of coffee, based on what we think is the best for that particular bean and bring out the full flavor profile. If you have good beans from the beginning, you don’t need to over roast them or do a lot to make them shine.

Solstice places a strong emphasis on high quality products and service. Not only do we distribute some of the finest and freshest beans from around the world, we also provide a variety of Iced and Hot Tea options, and all of your equipment needs.

When possible, premium coffee equipment is free with your coffee& tea service. Installation, delivery and maintenance is always included.

We don’t like contracts. We believe if we give you excellent service, you’ll like us. If you like us, you’ll keep us. No contracts should be needed.

Local roasters. Organic and “Direct Trade” coffees. Personal Service.

Ability for restaurants or cafes to serve signature or exclusive coffees, blends or teas.

We can supply your restaurant or cafe with cold brew, ices tea, hot tea and espresso pods.

We monitor your product usage, supplying what is necessary on a regular basis so that you do not need to be concerned with ordering coffee or tea each week.