Respect The Bean

We started selling really good tea products in 1993 out of the trunk of an old Jeep and a rented garage on Cleveland’s East side. Over the years, we have evolved into a premium coffee roaster with a comprehensive beverage program to include our own in-house line of freshly roasted coffee and espresso in addition to our existing tea products.

Respect The BeanOur Philosophy – RESPECT THE BEAN, or at least understand that each lot of green coffee from each growing estate, region, country or continent has its own unique flavor and should be treated, roasted and blended just so in order reach full cupping flavor.


So, we search for and purchase premium green coffee from select estates in the worlds’ coffee growing regions, roast and blend in small batches and distribute from our Cleveland, Ohio roastery. The result is an array of unique, custom-roasted coffees that we believe reach their full flavor potential.

Solstice Fresh Roast Coffees are 100% Arabica, estate grown and blended, and are certified premium quality. As much as possible, our coffees are sustainably grown, often organic and Direct Trade, consistent with Solstice’s intention to be an environmentally and socially responsible company thCosta Rica 110at supports and distributes sustainable, organic gourmet beverages.

Since 1993 we’ve worked with each customer to determine individual needs and tailor appropriate blends of premium coffee with brewing equipment to fit the taste preferences, volume considerations and overall vibe of the establishment.

Solstice continues to expand and fine-tune its roasting selections and custom combinations to meet specific client needs, while innovating equipment delivery systems to enable Solstice customers to more efficiently provide the greatest beverage experience to their own customers.

Check out our photo gallery – photos from Costa Rica and El Salvador.  2 amazing coffee regions!

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