Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Solstice Values:


To us, that means a long series of positive interactions that are mutually beneficial.

We strive to provide access to the finest coffee and tea products from start to finish through verdant relationships with our growers, suppliers, customers, and community. We are delighted to have developed relationships with farmers of direct trade coffee, fantastic culinary experts, and coffee and tea enthusiasts everywhere.


One of two or more people, business, etc, that work together or do business together.

We consider all our business relationships as partnerships. It is in our best interest to help our customers grow. As they grow so do our suppliers, and in turn we are able to help our community become a more sustainable environment. Partnership (pronoun).


Balanced approach to business practices using methods that do not waste resources; able to last or continue for a long time.

We are vested in the success of our partners. Our ability to sustain our partners’ businesses ties in with our emphasis on quality service and equipment. Through our relationships with Direct Trade farmers, we are able to sustain their business endeavors year round by purchasing coffee beans prior to the harvest and assuring fair wages. As a local Cleveland company, we stress the importance of contributing to the city both economically by using local suppliers and local distribution means, and to the culinary world by offering the finest and freshest coffee and tea products to restaurants all over.


A charitable act of giving ones time and resources to organizations in need.

We believe in giving back to the community, not just in an economic or culinary sense. Through warm and lasting developed relationships, we have been fortunate enough to partner with a number of charitable organizations in the local Cleveland area, helping with their fundraising needs and dedicating our time and resources. Some of these organizations include The Waiting Child Fund, Coffee 4 A Cause, Gay Games 9- 2014 and Recovery Resources.


The act of providing the right coffee and tea with the right equipment at the right time for all business partners.

To accompany our coffee and tea products of superlative quality, we strive to provide high quality equipment and customer service to all partners. We provide appropriate brewing equipment, and service to all of our foodservice customers. By doing this we are able to allow our customers to provide a consistent product.