Cold Brew. It’s worth the wait.

Cold Brew coffee is the hottest cold beverage on the market right now.  We have found that Cold Brewed coffee comes with a few questions and frustrations.  Let us tackle a few of those for you while you sip on your smooth, delicious cup of coffee served chilled over ice!

Is Cold Brew and Iced Coffee different drinks?  In most cases, yes.  This touches on one of the Cold Brew myths – iced coffee is NOT intended to be Hot Coffee over ice.  Cold Brewed coffee is ground coffee that has been steeped in room temperature water for 16-24 hours.  The smoothness of Cold Brewed coffee comes from the steeping brewing method ensuring a rich cup of coffee and naturally low in acidity.  Adding ice to a hot cup of coffee could cause a “case of brown water”.

Caution:  If you like you coffee black, be sure the coffee shop does not pre-sweeten your Cold Brew.  Every coffee shop can take a little bit of liberty on how to present their cold brew.  Ordering an Iced Coffee (versus a Cold Brew) may come with a sweetener.

Why does my favorite coffee shop run out of Cold Brew?  Cold Brew Coffee needs to steep for 16-24 hours therefore shops start yesterday to drain (brew) the coffee for today.  Sometimes demand is greater than supply which makes it hard to manage how much you need for their customers!

What is Nitro?  Adding nitrogen to a keg of Cold Brew coffee creates a creamier, frothier cup of cold brew.  This is traditionally served cold without ice.

Can I make my own Cold Brew.  There are many different ways to approach brewing cold brewed coffee at home, but my favorite technique is to steep your coffee in a French press.  Prepare you French press coffee the same way you always do on those lazy Sunday mornings, but do NOT press the coffee.  Put this in the refrigerator overnight.  Plunge the French press in the morning and serve over ice!  If your coffee is a little strong add water or cream until it is your perfect taste profile!  Steep, Plunge, Repeat!

What type coffee makes the best Cold Brew?
You can use any coffee to make Cold Brew.  That said, our shameless plug for THE BEST to brew Cold Brewed coffee: Solstice Cold Brew coffee. Start with your favorite and let us know what you think!!! We are always excited to drink a new coffee – hot or cold!