Chef Owned

Foodie Driven

About Us

Solstice Roasters is chef owned and foodie driven – serving restaurants, cafes, institutions, and individuals around Cleveland for over a quarter century. Our longevity comes from being able to match ethical, sustainable coffees to the food palates presented in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

The coffees that are roasted and distributed by Solstice are acquired through Direct Trade means. All coffees are bought and paid for the year before harvest and a price that allows for a living wage to be paid to the people laboring in the fields to harvest and process. From there, we roast to each bean’s fullest potential; most coffee that we sell is in the range of a medium roast.  

At the final destination, coffee is served as a part of service or as the main event in the case of cafes.  Either way, we like to think that our ethical coffees are helping sustain businesses around the Midwest.