We started selling really good tea on the eastside of Cleveland in 1993 - out of the back of an old Jeep and a rented garage.

Retired Solstice Jeep LibertyWe have evolved into a premium coffee roaster with a comprehensive beverage program to include our own in-house line of freshly roasted coffee and espresso in addition to our existing tea products. We stay committed to really good tea - iced and hot - and we Respect The Bean.

Coffee of the Month

Our Ethiopia Sidamo is a blend two coffees for the Sidamo Region. We blend a washed bean and a naturally processed bean together to create a perfectly balance cup. Greeted by a fruity aroma this cup is full of lemons and berries with a sweet and creamy finish. We love this coffee so much it […]

Espresso is good. Life is good.

Pulling a really good shot of espresso takes time, patience, a little bit of science and a little bit of art.  Weight and grind matter.  Time and temperature matter.  Click here to see a really good Espresso Shot.  It tastes as good as it looks! Here are a few pointers on brewing a great shot […]